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You Can Win in Your Credit

You Can Win in Your Credit

You Can Win In Your Credit

Don’t let anyone tell you that your credit is so shot that it can’t be repaired!!

First off, they many not need to be in your life and or they are just jealous because they see your potential.

Tips to Winning In Your Credit

Make sure that you know that you’re are the expert when it comes to your credit!

Maintaining A Good Credit Rating

You need to have a solid credit history in order for the bank to see that you are fully capable of acquiring debt and paying it at a later time. Aside from this, you also need to have a stable monthly income wherein the bank can determine if you are truly a creditworthy individual. However, not all people possess such good credit history and high monthly incomes and because of these reasons they get rejected in their application and or have high interest rates.

Be A Responsible Credit Owner

In order to maintain a good credit history, you generally have to be a responsible person in terms of your finances. If you are responsible in your finances, then you can be a much more credible person to avail for  credit. You have to make sure that you do not overspend beyond your budget and that you pay off your debt at the specified time. As I am a firm believer that life happens, but learn to think quick on your feet and always have a plan.

Paid Accounts are not Bad

If you paid off an account do not try to have it removed. Paid off accounts do have a positive effect on your FICO score, especially as they age and every item on your report showing that you have at some point made positive payments is a positive thing.

When you learn to submit to your credit it will do the same!

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